How do you take it when a guy says he's interested in you but never talks to you?

Okay so me and this guy have been talking for a while now and we hung out recently and he keeps telling me he's really into me and all that but he never seems to message me back or message me at all but when he does he tells me I'm the only girl he's interested in... I don't know how to feel about this am I rushing things by wanting a reply so soon? Or should I wait it out and see if this guy is really interested in me? Or should I just move the heck on...


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  • Could be a lot of things.

    I've been through it so I know how you feel.

    A. He could just be really bad with texting/messaging.

    B. Maybe he likes you but is shy to text/message; like he doesn't really know what to say.

    C. He's very introverted and needs time and personal space alone. Ask him what his mbti (personality type is). If he doesn't know, have him take the online test and find out from there. Chances are he might be a type that isn't too social or prefers to keep to themselves.

    D. Maybe he's trying to figure out his feelings and sort it out and have time.

    I suggest you take your time with him. Key is communications. Talk to him sweetely, make him a sandwich, then masssaged his shoulders, cuddle, then ask him why he's like that with you (in a very sweet and loving way). Or ask him about why he says he likes you but you don't really get a proper signal or vibe.

    In the end, if he's not feeding you what you need then its time to move on. It hurts but it helps you realize what exactly you need in a relationship. Hope I helped.