What to do when a guy agrees to do something but doesn't end up doing it?

there's a guy I've been on a few dates with and he was planning for me to come to his house for New Years (which he lives 2.5hrs away). I was originally going out with a friend that night but agreed to go to his house when I realised I'd be third wheeling with the guy she's dating. Now he hadn't talked to me for 2 days and when I asked him today about tomorrow night he told me that he was really sorry but he wouldn't make it home in time. I think he's away visiting family. I actually feel kind of hurt, is it normal for guys to do that?


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  • You told him you were going to a friends after he asked you, so he made other plans with his family.

    So because he changed his plans because you made other plans that did not include him, you want to find blame with him?


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