Girls, should I delete him from Facebook?

Short Back story:

I have been seeing a guy who I care about so much and who sees a future with me but right now feels like he needs to be single (had something happen which made him not want a serious relationship right now). He keeps saying when he's ready he'd want a serious relationship with me. I told him I wouldn't wait around and that's it for me. He's sent me two messages since I ended it (a week ago) saying he thinks I'm amazing and one of the most caring people he's ever met and that a candle I left at his house (my fav) he's taking hostage so I'll see him again.

My dilemma:

Out of sight out of mind right? I have him hidden from my news feed but I keep stalking him but if I delete him his Facebook is still on public so I'll still stalk but he won't be able to see my stuff. I want him to still have me on Facebook because I want him to be reminded of what he's missing. Should I just keep him on Facebook and try my best to use my will power not to stalk?

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What Girls Said 2

  • Just delete him. Thinking about him is holding you back and it's time to move on.

    • I'll still look at his Facebook though because it's on public

    • Go into your parental controls and block his page.

  • I dont get why you want to end it? He just said he isn't ready for a relationship right now

    • Not end it completely but he wants to play the field a bit and I don't want to be one girl of many
      He knows I want a relationship so he can come back when he's ready but I won't be hanging out with him while he's hanging out with others

    • Oh, then in that case delete him. He reminds me of a guy i know, who said he wasn't looking fo a relationship but then i find out he actually had someone.

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