Paying for a guy's 1 month holiday?

Hello :) I'm dating a guy and I recently asked him and he said that he's still single, meaning we are taking things slowly and he's not committed to me. As far as I know I'm the only one he's interested in.
Im feeling pretty upset cos I worked really hard to pay for our month-long holiday to Europe in a few days' time and the trip costs around $10000 including expenses.

It feels like he's taken me for granted and that I've given him so much.
What should I do? Leave or what :(


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  • Like seriously 😶?
    A good kiss would be enough for a guy if he have feelings for you so I think leave him move on and find someone who needs an awesome kiss :P
    by the way I guess I know you 😁 lol


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  • You already paid for everything go through with it and once he sees the good life and what you did for him he will come around. I did it for my girl and it worked out real well.

    • Really? Thats sweet but I feel like that taking advantage! I would never accept that! I would feel way to guilty!

    • @apple24 Thank you but It was many trips I took her on not just one. I like to do special things for a woman in my life instead of just the reg same old Movie and a dinner every weekend kind of deal

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  • Damn I think you should leave like QUICK!

    • What in the world were you thinking? Giving out that much money?

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