How to get a guy?

I'm a black woman in rural Japan, my opioins are limited. There is this man from the UK that works in a city close by (2hrs away) that I'm interested in. The last party we were in we flirted, exchanged FB, he even let me touch his hair.

I am very unconfident because even though he showed interest that was months ago, and I was the only single girl around at the time. Now we have a conference coiming up, were all the teachers in the area meet up for 1-2 days.

I'm not sure if I should activly pursue him, or not. (By active I mean find him and sit by him/start a conversation with him) I'm afraid of coming on to strong, or seeming desprate. What I've learned about a man being into a girl is that he will always be near her (even if he isn't talking to her). Or he'll find any reason to speak to the girl. I dunno know what to do!!!


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  • Wow! I can see what you mean about your options being limited. It's rare that someone writes in and says, "I have no options" and have that be true, but it is for you. I would suggest that you not pursue this guy at all, for two reasons. First, your perceptions of him, as a dating partner, is bound to be skewed because he's all that is available. Secondly, he is likely in a far different position than you are vis a vis dating opportunities. Instead bite the bullwt and wait until you move somewhere with a better dating pool. Good luck!


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