Guys, Do I still have a chance?

There is a guy I like and these are the events that have happened between us, should I still go after him? 1. Our freshman year of highschool I ran up to him and tapped him then ran away while giggling. He walked over to me shortly after and said hi. 2. In 10th grade we had the same science class and sat together (not by choice) we joked around a bit until it happened. 3. I had my very long and obnoxious goth / emo phase. I was an emotional mess. I still tried to go after him during this time ( I regret the phase and trying to go after him , because I wish he wouldn't have seen me like that) 4. When I tried to go after him I wrote him a note saying how I liked him etc. I asked him what he thought, he was sweet and sugar coated it. I could tell he didn't like me. 5. I went to prom with a friend and noticed him in the back with his friends. So I walked over to him and said hi. He didn't look up really , but said hi. He then leaned over and whispered something to one of his friends. I feel like its obvious that he doesn't like me, but at one point he must of. I don't know whether he didn't like me goth and may like me now ( I'm not goth anymore) , or if its one of those circumstances where the past can't be repeated. Should i keep trying or give up? Is there a possibility he may like me? #thestruggle


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  • He probably thinks you're a bit nuts. Which, from the sound of it, you are.
    Not always a bad thing though... but whether or not you're "currently" goth, you still sound a little bit crazy.
    Crazy girls are more fun though.

    I'd suggest not putting all of your eggs in one basket. Aren't there other guys who you're interested in?

    • How am I crazy? And yes there is this other guy , but he is kinda out of my league.

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    • No, that's part of why you're a bit nutty. I mean, I'm sure in a way he admires your determination, but the more you pursue him despite his rejection, the more nuts you look.

      People want what they can't have. You're trying to force yourself upon him.
      Go pursue other guys. You have a better chance of catching this guys interest if he sees that other guys are in to you as well, and that you don't need him.

    • Ahh that makes sense. T

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