This guy is really popular & im not... But he is interested in me... Should I be cautious?

This seems silly, but I'm 21; he's 21... We go to different colleges and met on the great dating app of tinder. I don't hook up; I only use the app to pass time... But then this guy and I matched and he we talked and he wants to meet me tomorrow at his apartment.. I looked at his Facebook and he's like this huge track star at college (medal winner); he has like 1700 friends on Facebook, his photos have like 200 likes... He's tall, dark, handsome... I guess I don't get it. I stated I am not into hookups; we briefly touched on it but he knows I don't hook up... He seems super nice & popular. I think he belongs to a frat.

I go to a private college. I've always stuck with my studies... I am aware I have quite a lovely face and nice body & I definitely have my choice with men, but I don't know... It just seems kinda weird to me. Granted, he doesn't know anything about me like that... I appear fun and attractive on tinder. I was kinda snobby to him at first bc I thought he was whatever.. But now we're gonna meet at his place and I'm nervous


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  • My personal piece of advice: 1. Always be cautious 2. First date should be in a public place
    From what i have heard from people i know is, that they use tinder as medium for 1 night stands, be careful and good luck


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