How do I date quickly and more efficiently?

I am 6'2 and have normal ( on the skinnier side ) body , used to work out so i have some muscles left , due to lots of looks, signs, and things i've been told i know for sure that i am vey attractive to most girls ( even the really hot ones ) , i have been in a realtionship and i know how it works but here's the thing iam not intersted in long talks or proper dating i want to date quickly and just have a good time and give the girl a good time i dont want to go through the process of waiting a month to get to know her better first , i see guys doing it with ease , they just start talking to a girl and a week later they are in a realtionship, kissing and stuff , so iam asking any guy out there who can help , how to date fast and get to the girl fast without waiting too long ( iam funny, witty, smart but i need some help utilising all this to my advantage ) thank you.


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  • I recommend an escort. You call her and bang! You are in a relationship without knowing her at all. All you need is some cash.

    • i dont need an escprt i just need the right appraoch

  • Go to Vegas and find a hooker.


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