Guys, How much space/alone time does a guy need before he decides to text his girl or the person he is dating?

(But if you REALLY do not want to read it... you can just answer the main question. I would recommend that you read it though)

We have been talking for roughly 1 month now (If you also include the messages on tinder), and went out twice (including meeting him the first time)

Within that 1 month, we have texted each other pretty much, every single day, up until this last Sunday.

The guy (22) has always expressed how much he likes me (20), how I have a great personality, how I am attractive, how he sees a "future" with me (At first I was alittle freaked out that he said the "future" part considering that I had only known him for such a short time... but I'm over it; Anyways moving on with the story)

Anways, I noticed that last sundays, and a couple days before that (so Christmas day, Saturday, Sunday) that the number of our texts between us were very short. At first I assumed that it was b/c he was going to be spending Christmas alone, since his family is far away. The last text he sent was Sunday, and that Sunday I was the one asking if he wanted to do anything/hang out later this week, and he said sure.

Now I know what you guys are saying, why dont you initiate the texts? I have actually, a few times in the past, and he has always responded, and it has never really been that big of a deal.

So Monday has passed, Tuesday has past, and now it's Wednesday. For some reason, I assumed I would have gotten a good morning text, but didn't.

I guess what I'm asking is.. should I really be worried about this? I'm trying to give him a bit of space, since we have been talking almost everyday previously. Question is, how much space does a guy need before he decides to text his girl?

I would also like to add, while getting to know each other, he has told me that he does has general anxiety/sadness sometimes. He told me he had that a couple weekends ago, but that it has been getting better.

Just to add: The guy is 22, he has already graduated, so he lives on his own, away from family, and is working right now plus continuing his education


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  • Anxieties and depressions are almost alway at their peak this time of year and as an adult I would think this would be something that you already knew. It's very possible that he is bummed out that in three days you have not checked in on him.