Does this mean I'm not invited anymore? Should I ask him or just assume he's not taking me anymore and make other plans?

A couple weeks ago this guy I've been seeing asked me what I was doing on New Years Eve and he asked if I didn't have plans to go with him to his friend's house party. I said I'd love to go so I thought those were my plans.

So today we were texting and I asked him "so what's going on for tomorrow night?" and he replied "Oh I'm going to my friend's house party".

I think he forgot that he invited me. For a while he's been canceling plans on me, even before he asked me about New Years Eve he was always kind of flaky and I can't tell if he likes me or not.

why would he invite me then forget? I don't want to ask him cus I feel so stupid. I'm mad because he's so flaky and I'ms ick of him and I don't think I'm going to talk to him again if he doesn't remember that he invited me


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  • The way you tell it does in fact sound as if he doesn't remember or conveniently forgot. People like that suck

    • Hmm "conveniently forgot"... sounds like that's what he's playing at... what a jerk

    • I agree he is a jerk and a DBag as well

    • Thank you

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  • Hm I kinda do that dkssnt mean I am flaky, People sometkmes have so much in life they forget stuff so

    • No it's totally flakey and disrespectful. It's he biggest night of the year and she hasn't made alternate plans most likely because she thought she had them with him.

      Yes some people do do this to a friend but you don't do it to someone you are dating. To forget any regular date is bad enough but to just pretend you never invited her out on a holiday is messed up.

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    • ok but those are your friends. anyway you're still 21 and you're too young to understand, but you should probably learn to get your life in order and not forget things that could be important to other people.

    • 18 but I still dont bail plans, That's why people that know me don't hesitate because they know me and so should you but if you already made up your mind. Ok

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  • Flakiness isn't something I put up with especially not early on in a relationship. It is a major sign of disrespect. Move on maybe you'll meet someone cool on New Years? Good luck!

    • yeah I agree. it's just hurtful because he does most of the chasing in our "relationship" and he made it seem like he was really into me. I hate dating it's so confusing

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    • It's not a report card but I check in with myself about how I'm feeling when I'm around him, how I'm feeling when he isn't around and how much effort we are both putting into the relationship.

      It's easy to forgive 'Chad' for being late to dinner or being busy with work. But when you right down the good, the bad and he ugly details of your affair it is harder to get lost in what is actually going on. It takes emotions out of it almost. It lets you see patterns hat you may have kind heartedly tried to ignore or forgive.

    • you're totally right! and writing things down would definitely help. I usually forget things and let my emotions take controls so I will definitely take your advice. thanks so much for being so helpful and sharing your experiences. I guess I need to learn to stop seeing what I want to see and see things as they are...