What should I do when I go on a trip with the guy I like?

I'm going on an overseas trip with a group of people and the guy I liked since forever is going to. What should I do to somewhat get closer to him?


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  • Just get close to him. Start by sitting next to him in the plane (if you can), talk to him in the airport, joke around... just be around him whenever you can, but also don't become annoying.

    • Yes I'm sitting beside him in plane because everyone else is a couple except us.

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    • Yup... I want to try. I just don't know how to. I always end up like a rambling idiot around him. :(

    • It's fine. I'm actually sure that he knows, or suspects that you like him, so he'll understand, and if you're lucky, he may make it easier for you.

  • Be yourself and let what happens happen

  • have sex with him


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