Me and my girlfriend fight all the time, how do you stop fighting so much?

We're coming up on 7 months now and I guess the honeymoon phase is over. Lately we've been fighting a lot over dumb things. She says that it's always me and that she can't do anything without me arguing with her but I think it's kinda equal. Today we fought about her getting a job interview for a decent job and I was happy for her and told her that I don't see her working that job for long because I think she's better and will do way better very soon and then she took it as its a terrible job and I don't think she's good and has no goals in life. Then we argued and I tried to tell her the whole time I didn't mean it like that and she's just upset. Things like this always turn into an argument. I love this girl, when we are together we're always doing things and she's my best friend. We have a lot of fun wth eachother. How do people stop fighting I recover from fights after the honeymoon period?


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  • Communicate better.


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