What should I do when my boyfriend does this?

So this morning, my boyfriend sent me a message saying he's thinking about me. Then at 2, he sends me a message saying "Hello?" And we usually only get to talk around 12am because he's busy during the day. So I said "Hi!" I mean, I was excited to hear from him this early. And he asked how I was and I did the same, but then he said "It's okay that you ignored me this morning! You were probably just busy!" And I told him how I didn't know he was up for a conversation. I thought it was just a "check up on you" kind of message. So he left, right in the middle of our argument. I dont know if I should stay up to talk to him tonight or go to sleep. I'm always here when he needs or wants me, he's never there when I need him. So what should I do?


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  • Sounds like he sent the message this morning wanting a reply, a thanks or you to or I love you or something. I think the reason he brought it up later was because he still wanted the reaction and wanted to see if you were ignoring him. Or he's being a controlling jerk. You know him, which one is more with his character?


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