Can love be enough to save US?

A year ago we were best friends. .. We loved each other but we didn't say it. .. At the same time I was a friend of his cousin. .. And he told me about his first kiss. .. My parents read our discussion and they refused any relationship with him or his cousin. .. In that mess I knew about his feelings and he knew about mine but we couldn't meet because of my parents. .. They said I m too young to have such a relationship and I m 16. ... But after 8months I send him an e mail to apologize for ignoring him. . . Actually we hadn't any contact during 8months. .. He was cool said that he didn't forget me. .. We had been together for 4months but we didn't see each other a lot cause we re not in the same school and I didn't tell my parents. .. So it was really hard to both of us... And recently he told me he s getting bored than he asked me to tell my parents and he can t do this anymore. .. But if I tell them they ll certainly oblige me to break up with him and he s changed a lot and he s insisting on me to tell them. .. I m really confused and scared and I don t know what to do. .. So please help


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  • Has he changed in a good or bad way?

    • bad way very bad way... he ignore my messages... sometimes he just answer because he can t hurt me... he even told me that he s getting bored

    • Okay well that's not good, does he love you? Is he just bored because you're not telling your parents or what?

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