How do you know you've fallen for someone?

So, I feel I'm starting to fall for my guy and I'm gathering the courage and words to tell him when the moment feels right... I don't know... Still thinking about if I should even tell him or not and all that stuff.

Anyway, just for fun... Please share with me your thoughts and experiences on how you know that you've fallen for someone :)


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  • just a random question.. did you almost feel like you knew you were going to fall in love with him within the first few seconds of locking eyes, the very first time you met him?

    • Yes, but only because we met online and were talking every day for a whole month before meeting in person for the first time.

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  • There won't be a question in your mind how you feel or how they feel even without saying it.

    • I know how I feel but I wish I knew how he feels. It does feel like he might've fallen for me too... But I'm afraid I'm not "reading" it right.

  • I got this uneasy feeling when I fell for a guy 2 years ago. Felt horrible because I "knew" that he would reject me. I didn't even speak to him until now (when I couldn't care less about him) and he is so boring lol. Hot but kinda boring.

    • Thats what I'm afraid of... Rejection.
      we're in an exclusive relationship and have been for 4+ months now and so far, we've only told each other we like each other very much. But lately, I've been feeling more than just "like"... I feel like I'm falling for him and I kinda wanna let him know that.

    • Well in that situation it shouldn't be wrong to tell him that. I get that you feel afraid but this is a guy that has chosen to spend a lot of time with you and get to know you. It isn't wrong of you to feel this way by now, so telling him how you feel is the next step. Plus, if he has told you that he likes you very much there is a big chance he is as afraid as you to take the next step. I guess it all depends on if you feel that you're on the same level in this relationship :)

    • I do know that there's a big possibility that he might be afraid of taking the next step. I say this cos he told me about his last 2 relationships that ended when he told the girls that he was falling for them... All because they weren't feeling the same way and so they broke it off with him and he was very hurt :(
      When he told me that, I told myself that I'm not like that at all and since I've started feeling this way towards him, I thought maybe I'd need to initiate to let him know it's alright, and he doesn't have to be afraid to tell me if he feels the same way too.