Thoughts on this crazy situation?

I had a sit-down talk with my boyfriend this afternoon. He was very supportive and understanding -- for the most part. I explained my feelings to him regarding the Tiffany heart necklace and he immediately agreed to return it. He seemed really disappointed over it but he said he understood where I was coming from. So what we were going to do was buy her something together as a couple. We had already come up with a list of ideas and planned to go shopping tomorrow until..

The "friend date." This is where things got ugly. I explained that I was uncomfortable with the situation because I said I felt like she had feelings for him, which he disagreed with. I asked him if it was okay if I came along and he said, "Probably… but I should tell her first." So I told him to text her and ask if it was okay, which he did right in front of me. Immediately, she replied, "I guess. (sad face)."

As we were sitting there talking, she sent a second text that said, "Why can't it just be you and me?" He replied and said he wanted me to come with them, which seemed to piss her off because the next thing she sends is, "Weird. So if I invite you to the ____ concert next month, it better be just you and me. I already bought you a ticket." He responds and says he can't promise anything. Next thing you know, she texts, "Great. So in other words, your girlfriend's being a bitch and not letting you see me alone. I have to go to work, we'll talk tonight."

The fuck? This just proves she's a snake. I told my boyfriend I wasn't going to put up with it and that he needs to start making some hard decisions.

Immediately, he agreed and said he'd fix things. He said he'd end the friendship if he had to in order to keep me. So I guess they're going to meet up and talk tomorrow.


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  • I think it could go either way. He's the weasel. I don't trust him


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  • Babes you gotta watch out, this bitch is deffo after your man. Been in a similar situation before and the bitch took over my man. It starts from a so called 'friendship' meet to cheating on you.

    He best cut her of his life, if he is serious about you. On another note, guys like attention too, so it maybe hard for him to end things with her. You better keep an eye until things are fully over between him and her.

    Keep us updated xx