Why isn't he calling?

Hey, so I met this guy 4 weeks ago. Him and I have a few mutual friends but we chatted and he asked for my number. He called me later that night and we went drinking and clubbing and then ended up making out (we did not have sex) but by the end we were sober and he walked me home. He told me that I’m very pretty and even a mutual friend of ours told me that he thinks that I’m pretty (this person is his best friend). The next day, we meet up again but with mutual friends. We chat and play video games and it’s fun (no making out and we were sober too). Lately a lot of his friends have also been talking to me and befriending me on Facebook. I also invited this guy to see a concert and he wanted to go but tickets were sold out so he suggested we do something else and we did. The week after, we met up with mutual friends for coffee again and talked. Our mutual friends ALWAYS tease us about liking each other! Anyway, the week after we went clubbing again but were pretty sober…and he kissed me again. The day after that he was hosting a party and didn’t pay much attention to me but then texted me and apologized and suggested we watch a movie. During the movie he has his arm around me but doesn't make a move at all. At the end we talk and say goodbye but no kiss…I had to hug him. I was going to see him again the week after for a party but he msg’d me saying that he couldn’t make it because he had a soccer meet somewhere faraway early in the morning. So far, I haven’t seen this guy for 12 day’s. He doesn't text me but he responds when I do it…but I don’t do it often because I don’t wanna bug him. He will only text me if it’s important such as when he couldn’t make the party which was 6 day’s ago…other than that nothing…lastly, one of my friends who knows us both told me that he loves me but I think she’s joking…so my questions for you:

1. Does this guy even like me or has he lost interest?

2. Why would my friend jokingly say that he loves me?

3. Is it normal for guys to back off for a while (like he is doing)

4. If I don’t contact him at all are the chances of him doing it greater? (I was the last one who randomly texted him and he DID respond)


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  • 1. I think he likes you.

    2. No idea, maybe just to tease yo. I wouldn't look into it too much.

    3. YES! offen times, a guy will realize how into you he seems and freak out a little. He probably just wants to see how into him you are. And it's smart not to text him too often, but keep talking to him. Show him you like him and care about your relationship, even if it's just friends for now. Lastly, tell him you don't get why he got quiet all of a sudden (maybe not unless it keeps up for a little while.)

    4. Like I said before, I think you should keep talking to him. Just don's over do it.

    i really hope this helps and good luck! :)


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  • 1) That isn't a good sign. If he's not showing interest, I don't think he cares much.
    2) If he wants to see you, he WILL contact you. Don't contact him first, he'll think you're pushing him.
    3) It's a trend I've only started seeing here, but I think this does happen. Guys, like girls, are nervous with the whole idea of asking girls out and dating and all that. Give him time.
    4) That totally depends. The girl could be pretty but have some OTHER personality turnoff (talks too much, weird subject topics, etc.). Prettiness and niceness don't necessarily mean that you're attractive. The person probably just has a lot of confidence.

    Now that I've answered your question, could you answer mine?

  • 1) Lost of interest, no matter how busy a person may be when a person is truly interested in you he/she always makes time.

    2) Yes

    3) Guys pursure girls as much as they let themselves go.

  • sounds like a hook up.

  • clearly the sign of lost interest. I worry more about your friends or his friends leading you on. Have you given them a reason to? Sometimes not listening to past advice from them would lead them to not tell you the truth

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