Straight best friend and I were asked if we were dating at a concert by a friend and others assumed we're a couple too. how should I handle this?

My best friend and I go to specific concerts around parts of the region together. We're both straight. We will stay in hotel rooms and attend them in other cities. Also will fly out together to see them outside of our region too.

Many know us becasue we're from out of town and always come together, just us. He and I talk about the many hot girls we see and will talk to and flirt with many. We were both chatting with a female friend from one city, and she flat out asked us, "how long have you two been dating?

I was shocked, nervous and embarrassed, had a cold sweat as we both glanced over at each other. My friend said, "he laughed and said oh no no no we're just friends!" the girl said "oh really? I always assumed you two were a couple, as your always together."

He and I were both mortified.
We come together always and do stick together, but always separate for some and work the crowd.
Never share any contact or look at each other in any way but as friends.

We never really talked or hung out together for the rest of the night. I talked to this girl again and pressed her for more info as to why she felt that what. She said that we're always just "together" and that she's not the only one who thinks that we're a couple. About two others think so, She said in a reassuring way not to be embarrassed about it and don't worry so much as nobody cares or thinks anything bad.

Arriving at the hotel later separately. We just didn't talk much after and felt awkward. Why can't two guys just hang out together anymore without people assuming they're gay? Also how should I handle this with him from now on without feeling awkward?


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  • Sometimes thats inevitable for some people to think two guys are dating, or gay if they spend a lot of time together. Especially if you both travel together, and stay in hotel rooms together. Nothing to worry about too much if your comfortable with your sexuality. Unfortunately many guys aren't and seem to freak out like you two and I'm tired of men who cannot accept that it sometimes happens.

    If you two are good enough friends, laugh it off and just tell they you two are straight. Separate and talk to others more like you have been. Go with others. Get girlfriends! Talk to more girls you meet and don;t be afraid to ask for their numbers and be wingmen for each other! All that would help.

    • It's hard to just "laugh it off" and he and I are the only ones amongst our other friends who can actually go to these concerts and clubs. As for getting girlfriends, we have interest in girls within the scene, but a lot of them have boyfriends or are not girls either of us are interested. Also I'm shy and introverted and it's difficult for guys to approach girls, why can't you all understand that? I will try and just laugh it off, and am not really offended by their opinions, it just makes it awkward.

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  • I go out with my brother a lot and we always tell the people were brothers. Just tell them this is my buddy he's a straight friend

    • I did, but it just felt so awkward after and made it awkward between my friend and I.