I really like this guy so far but I don't want to get hurt again, how to keep an opinion mind and assume a guy will hurt you?

I have been speaking to this guy for about 1 week and a half we had really nice convos and he seemed to ask questions to get to know my personailty for example: what films I like, what music I like, what do I do in my spare time, am I into sports etc. We had our first mini date yesterday he called me we were in the phone for awhile and then I told home I'm feeling restress I don't deep like staying home he suggested we go watch a film. He was a gentlemen came all the way to my house and picked me up, paid for the tickets and brought me all the way home.

It was clear that he likes me because me before this day he was starting to get abit comfortable with me and was abit more flirty but nothing to major it wasn't inappropriate. On our way there and on our way home we had a good convo, when he dropped me home we spoke abit more and then he gave me a hug, and then he was really nice asked if he could have a kiss, it was really sweet pf him to asl it madr me giggle and blush and so did he, I said only a little peck on the lips and he was like okai.

We planned proper date for Friday we are gonna go mini golfing I am hoping be able to get more personal with him and get to know him more. But I had been so disappointed woth guys, the last guy I was really into slept with his baby mama 3 days before my birthday that just really made me feel so disgusted by men and have no trust towards them or be able to believe them because deep down I fear that I'll be taken for a fool and that the next guy would be able to do the same and slept with someone else.

I don't want to assume that every guy is like that, I know in today's world many guys have that mentality, I want to be able to stay open minded and give a guy a chance but without falling to deep to quick. I'm nthe type of person who is quit full on when it comes to romance and I can't help but feel the way I feel.

I have the urge to be direct with him, fund out what his intension are, if has a plan in life and does that include havin a relationship or just going with the flow and see what happens. I wouldn't be able to just go win the flow if his end goal wouldn't be to have a relationship however I need to know caused I don't want to waist my time.

Can I get some advice here?

I ment to say open mind not opinion sorry auto correct


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  • Talk to him about your concerns.