Two dates? Online Dating? I'm too Nice, and Don't know what to do?

I am completly new to a city, moved here for work, right out of grad school. Due to my past long relationship, my first full time job, and being new to the city I tried online dating. I talked to two guys, thinking they'd lose interest before I moved. Well they didn't. The first guy #1, planned a date with me tomorrow. We are going to go to brunch and if we hit it off out for NYE. He basically has point blank told me that he intended to keep his options open until he was ready to make things offical with a girl. He's a nice guy, and easy to talk to, and I am sure we will have fun. BUT we also have really differnt values, interms of things that matter to me. Also, he tried to turn the conversation to sex and I get the impression he's not all that serious (he says he could be with the right girl).

The 2nd guy is just nicer. He helped me in school, went way out of his way to help me. He texts me sweet messages, talks to me all of the time. And when I have had a few drinks, hasn't pushed me to talk about sex, he's just nice. We didn't make specific plans because he had a preplanned trip with friends this weekend and didn't plan on going out tomorrow night as a result of an early monring the following day.

Well guy 1 and brunch tommorrow- as I'm not tied down, I'm going to go. BUT based on how that goes, he wants to spend new years together. I did originally agree, and feel like a jerk because now I am having doubts. But it always was dependant on brunch. Guy 2, despite having an early morning, wants to take me out to dinner after work tomorrow (but isn't sure exactly when), I told him to let me know but had tentitive plans with someone else although stressed that they were tentative and I wanted to see him. The plans are both up in the air.

- I would rather have a half an hour date with guy #2, earlier on in the evening, than spend new years with guy#1. But what do I tell guy #1? When I know he's planned a night together too?


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  • I think you know what you want to do, which is give your time to guy 2, but you're not keen on being mean to guy 1 as he's just a bit different to you but still an alright guy. If you've committed to guy 1, I think you probably should go through with it. If you really think that guy 2 is your guy, then spend your time with him.


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