What do I do from now on?

So me and this girl have been seen eacother for about mabye 2 monts now and im realy getting in to her. Her feelings are kinda mixed. First it was a day ago she said to me that she was loosing her feelings and that she did not know if she had any. by the way she had hung out a lot that last week and she even spent the night twice. But earlyer today she said that she liked me and this made me confused. We have both agreed to take time and really get to know eacother and to let the relationship come slow and not to hurry it. She also said we need to find out how we are going to get to know eacother adn then work on it from there.

P. S. I wrote a text to her saying that i really wanted her and we should take the time and SHE responded with that we should do that because we both want to know eacother badly and that we should make it work.

So my question is what should i do now? Text her reguraly cus we did that and hang out mabye once a week mabye once every 2 weeks and let her get to know me?


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  • Be honest with what you want and work towards that.


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