Is it bad that im judging my friend relationship with a guy?

My friend is dating this guy that I've known for 4 years and she only known him for like 10 months. She asked me how he's like. I told her that he like to tease and flirt with girls, do stuff that piss people and not lots of people like him. I'm kind of tick off because me and everyone know that she can do so much better.

Am i bad for judging? She even told me she doesn't even know him that well, thats why she asked me a whole bunch of Q's.

Its not my fault if something happens...

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  • If she is only 'dating' him, it';s not an issue because they're not in a relationship yet. They're probably just getting to know each other. If she is a sensible girl, she'll stop seeing him once she comes to know how he is. If not, it's her problem and she needs to sort it out.


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