How can I tell if this guy likes me or if he just wants some booty?

I'm talking to this guy and he's Asian he is not from here

I'm mixed with white and black

And to be honest I think Asian guys usually date Asian or white women

I'm not dark skinned at all but I'm not white or Asian

I'm very light and he agreed to hang out with me. We have not set a date yet



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  • It's hard to say whether he wants a date or a booty call. A lot of Asian guys are more traditional and want to date rather just have sex. You are wrong in regards to what Asian men are most attracted to; there are Asian men who love Black and other races. For example, I love all ethnicity of women, as long as they are good looking.

    • That's good that you don't care about race

    • That's good that Asian guys are more traditional but I did have an Asian American guy who I knew ask me for casual sex
      I turns him down but he only wanted casual sex
      The guy that I am talking to now grew up in Vietnam

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  • Take things slow. Don't do anything sexual with him for at least a month, if he's a player he won't want to wait that long.

    • How do I know if he agreed to hang out with me because he is just being friendly? I don't even know if he likes me romantically. I don't even know if I'm his type
      I know some guys have sex with girls who are not their type

    • If he likes you he'll tell you and ask you out

    • Well we have not hung out yet he's still out of town
      I don't know if I should wait for him to contact me first or what
      I called him asking him to hang out and he said yes
      When should I tell him that I'm not currently working? I'm sure he will understand since he is a college student

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  • Experience, time and brains

    • What do you mean by brains? You mean using your head?

  • That's the tough thing about being a woman because you can't sometime.

    • That made no sense to me sorry

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