Losing interest, or worrying over nothing?

In a new relationship, and tonight he texted me that he was going to bed early because he was exhausted, and we told each other good night. I know he had a rough day. But 3-4 hours later, I see him showing active on FB messenger. So now I'm wondering, did he lie to me? Blow me off? Just not want to talk to me? We usually text each other throughout the night til we go to bed.
He has been very honest, open, and sweet with me so far so I feel it would be unlike him to do these things. My last relationship, the guy cheated on me and lied about virtually everything, so I have trust issues now.
Is there possibly a problem or do you think I'm being paranoid?
We are going out tomorrow for NYE. It will be date #3 and we are more than ready to sleep together.


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  • FB Messenger shows he is active if he unlocks his phone at any point, NOT when he gets on the app. So lets say he opened it up because he got a text in his sleep. Boom shows he is online. I wouldn't worry about anything yet, you are very much still in the honeymoon stage.


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  • You don't know who he was messaging so you can't say he's cheating. Its too soon and not enough evidence at this time to panic


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