Am I going to become an alcoholic?

Okay first off alcoholism runs badly in my family , and most of my family on my moms side has passed away from it & drugs. I would never ever consider drugs. Considering I am 17 and in highschool I've had many chances too and always declined. I've tried smoking a cigarette a few times and didn't like it. It tastes bad , and acts up my allergies. So , I'll never do that again.

But - I love alcohol. Love it. I've only drank wine coolers a few times and tried some nice wines and those are good. I hate beer and even the smell of cheap stuff. I have only drank a FEW times , never to the point of being drunk. But sometimes I crave it. I literally beg my parents to let me have some on special occasions like Thanksgiving or New Years. I also am scared I'll be one of those people who drink my problems away considering half the time I think " I wish I could just drink and forget this " when I'm really angry. I actually have cravings for the smell of it and taste... And I am scared.


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  • You sound like you are very high risk of becoming an alcoholic. Don't take the risk. Just don't start down that road. If you are craving at your age without even drinking much, that's already a really bad sign.

    You already know the answer to this, right? Do you have the strength to not drink? Isn't seeing what's happened to others in your family enough? It's already drawing you in, and you know it.

    "And I am scared"
    You are also stronger than you think. Decide what you are going to do while you still have that choice. You know the answer. You DO have the strength.

  • You will probably become an alcoholic if you don't control yourself.


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  • Lol why are you drinking at 17 in the first place
    No Bueno for your insides
    And just get addicted to soda or something

    • A few times **
      And - it's not the easy when you crave something. I don't act on it 99.9% of the time , but I am a scared when I can buy it I will.

    • Don't think about it