Is this funny or craziness?

So, I went to see a girl and this was our second date, full of laughter, fun and a lot of talking. We went to a resturant and we ate and after that she wanted to have desserts but was not sure which one to have. So I ordered every dessert that the resturant had.. the server was like "Are you serious Sir?" I am like.. "Yup bring all that you have" .. and when he brought it, we laughed like anything.. she was like "You are crazy"... I like her a lot and she was the first girl I ever did something like this for her.

what she would have thought of me? If a guy does it for you what will you think of him?


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  • Thats cute

    • thanks!

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    • I would have, shows you actually like her tbh and want to make her happy

    • yeah I do.. she kept calling me you are crazy and weird and I was like why weird? she said in a funny way. so yeah I do hope she likes me back and we grow together

  • I think that it was a little crazy, but people do crazy things for love and I definitely think that you like her, so go for it. I would've found it sweet and hilarious.

    • thanks! yeah she did found it hilarious.. we laughed like anything, the server of laughing too.

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  • It sounds crazy funny! Seriously, it sounds like it was taken straight out of a movie. Nice move.

    • thanks! man... it was crazy...

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