Why don't I ever get asked on second dates?

I'm 18, in college for and never had a boyfriend, is there something wrong with me? Like I have no guys friends or anything took. I even joined dating apps and I do get asked out on dates but
even then after the date they never contact me, even tho they said they had a good time and would like to meet again. So I'm jw is there something wrong with me and if there is how can I change it? I mean I'm nice and stuff but just kinda shy till I get comfortable around someone ):


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  • Haha you are exactly like me :D little shy but no shy when getting comfortable. I lived the same things too but i thought like maybe i didn't meet the right girls. Could be same for you. Probably those guys were not the right ones for you. Hang on, eventually you will meet :)

  • Boys are dumb 💁🏻


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