How many actual first dates with new people did you go on this past year?

i though this be an interesting question to ask at end of year to other singles or people who were single , dating seems to be goign out of style or maybe it just appears that way. i wondered how many actual first dates with new people did you actually go on this past year? and by dates i'm refering to an actual lets say sit down and have lunch or dinner with them type thing or they took you out somewhere. and this was with a new person you previously didn't really know yet.

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  • I got dumped by my long-time serious boyfriend last Christmas. I wasn't ready to date again until the end of September. I dated two guys before settling on one of them.


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  • 6. Not a single one panned out!

    3 went to third dates, 2 went to second dates, and the last one was a one time shot (and thankfully stayed that way).

    Most I've done in a year, usually I am not a big fan of dating to be honest... too much BS and games that constantly crops up.


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  • Considering I've been with the same person all year, none.


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