How can I stop thinking of her?

Hello, there's a girl that I've been attracted to and therefore I've asked her out. However, she told me that she has a boyfriend.

Now, on December 31, I am single and I am going to celebrate the new year with my whole family.
I can't stop of being deeply sad, only thinking about the kiss that she's going to give to her boyfriend.

I'm completely aware that she has probably given tons of kisses to her boyfriend, but the one that is going to be given today makes me horribly sad about it.

I wonder how to enjoy that night with my family, and stop thinking of it.

Happy new year to all of you ! Hoping that you'll have a great one, and be more lucky than me.


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  • get over it, do not pursue women that have boyfriends, if they ditch their man to be with you, they will do the same to you, maybe take some of your family out and mingle with all of the hot girls that wish they were kissing you

    • I do not intend to ruin their relationship, but it hurts. I'll try to think about something else, but it seems to be a difficult task.

    • you are being selfish, you are hurting because you wan't something you can't have. people have separate lives, you can't own or control anybody but yourself, let her go and become free, it's rejuvenating

    • You are right on this point, but it is not as simple as that. I can't stop at all thinking of her for the time being. It's like even if I want to think about something I got her in my mind like wondering what she's doing, when I'll see her again, and the list goes on unfortunately. Nevertheless, thank you for your support.

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  • Been there, just get over it accept you can't be with her.

    • I understand that I have to accept it, and move on. However, I was really into her that it hurts my heart so much just to imagine the scene.

    • That's how I was, I got a dog to keep my mind off my ex, I got into comics made new friends. It's hard the best thing I can suggest because dogs are great but big responsibility. Is to try and find a new hobby, card games, comics, get into a cooking or arts and crafts program. Not only will you have something to keep your mind off the person BUT you may find someone new or make new friends :)

    • I would love to have a dog for real, but for the time being it won't be possible.

      I'll try to follow your advice and get into different activities than my current ones hoping that I'll make my mind more busy and stop thinking of her. Thank you for your help.