Finally I'm ready, now how to proceed?

I've been trying to find a solid way to get over my ex and today it happened. I told my self if she ever got pregnant by some other guy that I couldn't see a future with her, and just like that. That thin string holding me onto her snapped.

I'm interested in dating this girl I work with before she goes back to college. Which is a two hour drive so not really long distance for me. She knows I like her and she told me she's not looking for a relationship right now, which I've told her the same. I just want to get to know her and build up from there. She's been working and I've been trying to take her out but it's either I'm working or she's working. So I gave up. I just want to know if she would be interested in going out with me or just not trying to hurt my feelings.


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  • I'm pretty sure that there must be some way you two can find time to meet and if she literally can't ever find that time then this relationship is not really meant to be as you can't make something out of nothing. This isn't really within your control either. It's really about who will make the most effort and in situations like this both will need to be committed to making things happen.

    • Well we've been talking a lot and it seems neither of us is ready. I find her attractive and I like her smile. She told me recently she hated me and I just figured I'd just drop her and fall back before my feelings grow. So I told don't talk or text me until you go back to school and I'll leave her alone. At first she thought we'd go back to being friends and I've been in that situation before and it ended badly😣badly. So she went on telling me she working on herself and school and I'm doing the same. Plus I feel the distance will help. I'm not trying to make her committed until she is ready and I'm not ready cuz I've just been emotionally set free. I just want to see where things might go. She agreed and now I don't know what to do, right now I just wanna kiss her but I don't know... I've been trying hard to get to here and now I don't know what to do...

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