How do I make it clear that I want to be more than friends?

There is this girl at my university who I really like. I've hung out with her two times already. The first time was completely unexpected, though. We were both ran into each other at an event and decided to eat together afterwards. I didn't know her well, but I gave her my number. The second time we hung out, I tried to be nice to her, but I don't feel like I was clear with her. I have a very boring and calm personality, so when we were hanging out, I seemed disinterested, even though I was actualyl really happy to talk to her. I can't help it, it's just my default persaonality. Luckily, she seemed really interested in me. She asked me what I was planning on doing over the break and we talked about other things that interested us (video games, anime, etc.). Anyways, I want to know how I can make it clear that I like her without putting on a fake personality. I want to be romantic, but not in a way that's not charactersitic of my personality.


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  • You go for a kiss next time

  • Just go up and fucking tell her. If she's such a bitch it's just not worth it.

    Actually women ARE NOT worth it, but if you want to commit suicide, at least do it with some dignity

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