What is the difference between hanging out and a date these days? Will this guy expect sex if we hang out 3 times? What counts as a date?

Will this guy expect sex From me somewhere down the line if we keep hanging out?

I exchanged numbers with a guy and I asked him to hang out

I don't know him I met him last week so I want to get to know him

This question is more in particular to guys and girls who have sex on the 3rd date

If it does not count as a date how can a guy or girl expect sex on a third date? Lol

Personally I don't have sex on the 3rd date but I have nothing against others who do

I just order to be in a relationship first and even then I wait a bit to have sex


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  • Hello, I am a 3rd date guy if the gal doesn't jump me sooner... had a first date HJ once upon a time ooohlala

    Hanging out is the same as dating to me if others are not present

    No one should be forced to have sex on any date and it's BEST if the gal initiates it, however awkward that might be. If you're OK with taking charge of sex-when, then simply deny his request when presented it, assuring him YOU'll let him know w/o hesitation when his lucky night is...

    • We have not hung out yet
      I want to see what type of guy he is
      I'm not working so he might have to pay if we go anywhere to spend money
      He is a college student and I'm in between jobs

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    • No I'm not. I'm not sure what gave you that impression

    • only the additional facts of this case

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  • Depends on the guy and also what type of girl he thinks you are. For example if he thinks you've had sex by the third date with other guys he'll probably at least try and see if you want to sleep with hI'm by the third date too.


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