Online dating? Checking profiles?

I just moved to a new city and online dated for the first time ever. Met this guy 2 months ago on the site. For two whole months we talked, skyped, me helped me finish school etc. We have had three dates couldn't wait to meet him, really sweet. I am cooking him dinner Friday. Yesterday he said something that caught me off gaurd, he said "does your roommate have a boyfriend too?" it made me smile because of it made me think he thinks of me seriously, or that he might. He calls me beautiful and hun. We've been open about our pasts, and had this amazing talk.

So I haven't been checking my online dating profile but I just logged in, and I realized he has been checking. He is super busy with work and seems like a really great guy. He's cautious about dating for sure based on what he siad.

I guess what I am asking is, even though its super early, could he really want to see what happens with me? and still be regularly checking his online profile? As he has said to me I understand if its an ego boost, and I have had guys tell me they are dating someone on there, but yet still answered my message.

Basically I just want to know if its normal? What he's doing?

*he told me he wants to see what happens with me. I understand if the online checking is an ego boost...


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  • its really hard for a guy to come out say say what me means. i mean ure sombedy he met online. may be he doesn't wanna tell you outright how much he likes you, or he is worried he is being catfished or this may be an elaborate organ snatching scam or something. the internet is a dark and scary place. I have trouble telling girls how i really feel cause may be you need to take him at face value. sometimes it is what it is. I mean you can get hurt dating even if u meet a guy in irl. But if your instincts tell you somethings not right then may be trust your self?


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