Should you ask a guy you're dating to make time for you?

I have been friends with this guy for 1 1/2 years we finally gave into things and tried to see where things were to go. All the signs were there he wanted me just as much as I wanted him. We dated a few times, he called me like 3x's per day but wouldn't make time to get together. I want regular time with someone I am dating that's how you build something. Well long story short now he says his priority is his kids and he has said goodbye. Am I wrong to want time together? Or to ask for it. Seems like guys I'm meeting don't want to give you time.


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  • I am there with you girl. Things have changed this time around with dating. On the positive note, if he is telling the truth at least he is being a good Dad. I just have to wonder what else is going on with him and what is it he is not telling you. Hmmmmm I am in a similar situation and it drives me NUTS cause I know when the weekend comes and he has his kids I won't see him. You have known this man for about 2 years so have you met his kids? IF so why does he not invite you to do something with the kids? If not then why have you not met them? These are questions I wonder myself. I would NOT call him first,text or email. Let him come to you. Sometimes men, they just are not worth the effort and your man seems to be a tough one to figure out so only you can decide how much you can take of the wondering. BUT don't ask , You should not have to ask anyway. Follow his lead and if still no progress maybe consider phase out of this relationship.

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