First dates? Nerves? Kisses?

So I am new to a city, and I just moved the other day! I met him at a bar months ago. I have spent months talking to this guy. He helped when I was sitll in school, we talk, and Skype daily. He's been really nice and sweet to me. Last night he planned to stop by after work to welcome me too DC. Our original plan was for a date on Monday. He had a pre planned trip with friends.

He cancelled tonight, says he has family coming into town and it was last minute. At first I was a little suprised he cancelled but then he told me he has a surprise for Monday. And I have waited like weeks to date this guy! and I really really want him to kiss me! Any tips? On making it obvious? he's a nice classy guy and wants something real. He's shy a little and so am I (a lot) and if he doesn't think I'm interested he won't do it.

I want to text him and be like "... to be honest i'll probably spend the whole time trying to figure out how to get you to kiss me". Would that be a good or bad idea?


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  • Don't text him that. Just let it happen naturally. Be touchy and flirty with him. Stare into his eyes a lot. He'll kiss you eventually.