Girls, What makes a man Classy?

I've been searching for a classy girl in a relationship and haven't had any lucky yet, but sometimes i fall upon the question of "what makes me classy?"

Now i know that being classy is more then acting a certain way and u can't just be "classy" ASAP but im ambitious and im nice too everyone so i like too consider myself somewhat classy.

But do i have to wear certain things to be considered "classy"?
Is there anything else that i need too know?


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  • Stereotypically, dressing smartly and staying clean shaven would be considered as "classy" for a guy. That's just from my experience and from when my friends have noticed a guy when we're out and described him as looking "smart and classy". But I think that truly being a classy person would be how you treat the people around you. Politeness, kindness, respectfulness are all key points for being a classy person. Keeping yourself controlled and always treating people with respect, whether it's with women when dating or upon meeting them, to family and friends.

    In my opinion, being a lovely guy and having respect would peg you as a classy guy and amazing boyfriend material :)

    • Thanks😀I didn't think of it all like that.