My Chatroulette friend got a SO before I did?

I actually met this guy on Chatroulette 5-6 years ago and he was one of only guys I didn't only want sex or anything like that and at one point we added eachother on Facebook and talked almost daily for a while.

He thing we had In common was being Virgins and never having a boyfriend/girlfriend he was/is that kinda awkward and smart guy, but very sweet.

But then he got a girlfriend, but it didn't last, but now I Just saw on Facebook that he got another girlfriend. Im ofc happy for him in a way since I kinda could feel his "pain" regarding having problems finding a boyfriend or in his case, a girlfriend.

But at the same time I feel like shit because im not even close to getting a boyfriend... the closes im to dating is this guy I have been talking for a week on a dating app.

Its not that I dont date or anything, but people say girls have an advantages I dating, and to be honest 5-6 years ago I did imagine myself getting a boyfriend before he got a girlfriend.

I feel like such a loser, any advice?


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  • Don't feel like a loser. Some people move faster then others. I just think your probaly being carefull and selective who your dating. And their is nothing wrong with that. I think in due time you will get a boyfriend. Maybe he is speeding things up with dating and finding somebody because he probably doesn't want to be alone. Another issue if you tell guys your a virgin it can sometimes scare them away. I think in due time you will find the right guy.


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