Is it okay if I am upset about this?

So this guy I have a huge crush on and am kind of seeing cancelled on me last minute for New Years.

I am pretty bummed. I was really hoping to see him.

Basically, he knew for a while I had no plans. He didn't have plans either but then decided to go to his buddies party. So I had no plans. My girlfriend felt bad so she invited me over to her party, but it was basically a couples party. Herself, her boyfriend and then another friend and his girlfriend. So I kind of felt like a fifth wheel.

Anyway I was going to go by myself. Then he told me his buddy cancelled the party and he had no plans now. So I invited him. He told me he wasn't sure if he was going to be able to go (but that he would let me know).

Then today he messages me letting me know that if he was going to go out what time and everything. So I told him.

He then said that his buddy was bugging him to go out for some drinks, so he said he wouldn't be coming. I'm going to admit, I'm kind of bummed.

I was having a bad day, and this just added to that. But I'm trying to stay positive. I decided to stay in and just grab some takeout and watch some movies.

Do I have a right to be mad? I feel like he is choosing his friends over me. I don't want to seem needy, but I've dated plenty of guys who do this and I just want a guy who will look forward too and enjoy spending time with me.


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  • New Years is like the perfect time to hang out with a crush if you have one! It's a shame that he bailed on you! If I was you I would be really mad and definitely take that into consideration for the future for trying to find someone new to be with!

    • Thank you! I feel like you understand where I am coming from. I'm not trying to be overly needy or anything. But I thought New years would be a good time to see a crush. I might even have been able to sneak a New Years kiss. But he would rather hang out with a buddy than with me. It did kind of hurt. Though he later apologized and told me he wasn't blowing me off. It did make me wonder. I guess im more worried about wasting time on a guy who isn't interested in me. If he isn't interested in spending time with me that's fine. I want to waste time on a guy who does. I guess that's my concern.

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    • Yea more or less all he wants is a friendship it sounds like 😜

    • Awe :(

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  • Without knowing how long "kind of seeing" is it's hard to tell if you should be upset that his friend has higher priority over you

    • Just over a month. We've been on 3 dates and I've been seeing him at least once a week.

    • Then yeah you don't have priority over one of his best buds yet especially if y'all haven't even kissed yet

  • It's okay to be upset. Find a guy that's willing to give up his friends for you.

  • If he's not your boyfriend, he's not obligated... and even then


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