Why does it feel like all my friends are meeting nice guys and getting into serious relationships except for me?

And the guys they date are so unattractive looking to me

My friends are pretty

Some of my friends are single though

But some of the guys I have met were assholes who either: verbally abused me, made threats to hit me, borrow money and never give it back (only happened once, lie about being single

And I don't jump into relationships I have only been in a relationship twice and they were both good guys

Now I have taken time to myself and I still don't trust men

And these guys started off as nice they were not assholes until I gor to know them


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  • What do you mean by "unattractive"? Do you mean that they're just unattractive to you, or downright homely to anyone? Are your friends in good relationships with ugly guys? Most people have different ideas as to what is attractive or what isn't and their preferences. Perhaps you should reevaluate your view of the situation you find yourself in and accept that the guys you like or who you find "attractive" may not feel the same way about you. Has happened to me more times then I can remember.

    • I'm use to rejection
      Those guys my friends are dating look ugly to me. And my friends are pretty
      My friends have been in modeling contests
      My friends are the ones talking about meeting rich guys and stuff and they ended up with guys who are unattractive with bad teeth and who don't have much money at all

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    • Good point

    • I will say that getting over the physical traits that were a turnoff, like the beer gut was tough when being sexual, but got over it and became easier. Guys get so hung up on appearance and have so much insecurities that they forget that its so often the attitude and chemistry that counts. I have met so many "gorgeous" guys, with perfect bodies, tight abs and good muscles only to see them as complete assholes douchebags right away!

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  • Go after those attractive nice guys then.

    • The guys that my friends are with are unattractive

      I do go after attractive nice guys

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    • Rejection is nothing new to me

    • Those ugly guys you rejected feel the same way. It's life.

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