Guys, fair to call him a liar for telling me, "I often think of you"?

I never dated this asshat, nor have I ever slept with him but I've always felt that he's a player. Whenever I don't hear from this douche for 3+ months, he would randomly contact me late at night to say, "I often think of you." If I respond, I won't hear from him for months and this would repeat. If I hear another, "I often think of you," I would tell him to cut the shit because why don't I ever hear from him? This could just be me but if I often think about a guy, I would speak to him more often. Not twice a year.
It upsets me because I once liked him when he was caring. I still have feelings for him but then I also want to cut his dick off with a chainsaw. It's not just a romantic thing. He's been there for me during some tough times and for him to suddently change like this upsets me. I'm not sure why he even bothers contacting me.
Should I confront him? Call him out by telling him that he's a liar?


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  • It's up to you. If it was me I would stop talking to him completely. I agree he should not had changed on you. And the contacting you every three months saying he misses you sounds very crazy and extreme. If he really misses you he would keep in contact more and not distant himself.