Do I have good reason to not like my boyfriends best friend?

my boyfriend had plans to eat dinner and drink with his extended family on new years eve. but he knew his family would all be done and passed out around 2am. so he and i made plans to meet at 2:30 in down town.

because he was going to be busy i made plans to go to a party the sharton hotel was throwing just outside of the city. and id head to downtown at 130.

i got to the train station and i ran into my boyfriends best friend, max. so he and i chatted i asked him his plans. he told me he was just going to go bar hopping downtown. so i told him okay cool, dave (my boyfriend) and i will be down town when he is done meeting his family. maybe we will meet up with you. max says okay cool ill see you later then. and he gets off the train

im partying with my friend at the hotel and i get a message at 1:20 from my boyfriend saying "im already downtown, when will you come?" so i responded "ill leave now and ill arrive a little before 230. in the meantime go find max and hang with him". so i left and got downtown right away. at 2:15 i messaged him that i arrived. he responded right away ''where are you?" i told him im in the park near to the clubs. he didn't respond for 40 mins. and then whe he did respond he said ''max won't let me leave to come meet you" then i responded "then ill come to you" he didn't redpond until 4 am of where he was. mind you its negative 5 degrees and im in club clothes and heels

when i arrived at the club my boyfriend greeted me at the door. but told me ''I need to go back to my friends'' i told him "its fine i just want to dance" then he was hesitating.. where i felt he should have introduced me to his friends but he didn't say anything. so i just was like "ok im going to go dance you go to your friends." and i walked off to dance alone. then max came up to me and said he was guilt tripping my boyfriend saying if he left that they won't be friends anymore. but what make me mad is it was our plan from the begging to meet. what should i do?


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  • Yeah max sounds very bad and very jealous of your and your boyfriend. I wouldn't be to friendly to max. I think him telling your boyfriend he wouldn't be friends with him sounds like sabotage and like he is trying ti break you guys up. I would be very carefull of max.

    • Im just pissed off my boyfriend knew I was waiting in the park for him. And I had to wait there. And what was worse is when I arrived my boyfriend met me at the door and said im sorry I need to be with my friends. And made no intention to introduce me to them. So I was by myself cin the club. And I saw my boyfriend ordering drinks and dancing with a girl. Like he was touching her hips. And hokding hands with her. Max explained she's a friend of theirs. But I was never introduced. So When my boyfriend went to the bathroom I talked to the girl and was asking if she knew him. And this girl was kinda like whats it to you do you like him? And I told her "hes my boyfriend" and she was so shocked. And asked how long we were together and stuff. After he came back from the bathroom we left the club together to go eat breakfast. I just didn't like anything about this situation. Im considering breaking up with him because of this. Like he chose his friends over me. Done deal kinda thing

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    • Your very welcome.

    • Thank you very much for selecting my answer as the most helpful opinion. I hope things work out for you. If you want you can update me on things.

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  • Tbh something smells fishy there

    There might be more to the story than just Max pressuring him

    Anyways how can u b sure there is nothing between him and that girl?

    The fact that he didn't give u straight answers to ur questions after wasn't very reassuring as well

    If reconsider the whole thing tbh

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    • I'm glad then :)

      Just hope he never puts you in a simmilar situation again.

    • Yeah me too

  • That is messed up and not fair! Your boyfriend had to choose between you and his best friend, which is even worse that he chose his best friend.

    Then he doesn't bother replying until hours have passed, while you were actually the ones planning it all along.

    This Max guy probably texted him and told him that they were at the club and then he went there earlier.

    I have this feeling that Max is feeling pushed away by his best friend because he spends time with you. He doesn't mean real harm, he just doesn't want to lose his friend.

    I do understand your point of view though and it's totally crap what he has done to you. I wouldn't like that friend either, but the best thing to do is to just accept if you really love your boyfriend. Maybe tell him how you feel about the situation. It helps in so many cases

    • Yeah i spoke with him about it this morning and he said sorry for the situation. And that he made a stupid choice. I still dont 100% forgive yet but ill just try to see where it goes and be careful of max. I dont trust him. But im hoping I will put him in his place. Because he teased me about how he was able to keep my boyfriend from meeting me.. he was laughing. And I gave him a death glare (I make grown men shit bricks with this glare) I had held back all my anger untl that moment. And I just stared at him. he stopped laughing he dropped his gaze and walked away. There is no reasoning with a guy who takes joy in in others misery. So I just need him to know im not someone you mess with

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    • If it happens again, feel free to send me a message! I'll be glad to listen

    • Thank you so much ill be sure to