What is it like to text a guy who you like/they like you or a boyfriend?

I've never really texted a guy I liked before so I want to know what it's like. Is it endless cute conversations. If the guy is good at replying/really into you, is it like having someone you can always text anything you want no matter how weird it is? Just describe it and please please wish me luck in finding a boyfriend this coming year:) pretty please? I'm getting realllll lonely. XD


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  • It's really nice to have a guy to text, luckily for me I was texting a guy I liked and he ended up liking me too. He is currently my boyfriend. It's great to text/ talk to a guy you like because your conversations are endless. Late night texts or calls. I usually Skype my boyfriend and we would fall asleep together on it. I never really run out of things to talk about with him. It makes you happy and every time he texts you, you automatically get excited.

    • What do you talk about t

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    • Can you get deep

    • Yes, we talk about personal things, we've gotten so deep we both cried. It made us closer and we trust each other more

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