Girls, Need your help. Is she lying?

Me and this girl I'm talking to have been getting really close. But she tells me she's going to bed and turning her phone off but I called cuz our boss said I was off. It rang till 4 am and then finally went straight to voicemail. The the next mornin she said it was off. Do you think she's hiding something.


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  • to soon to tell since this was a one time thing

    • It happens all the time

    • we can give you opinions o this but we can not tell you the anwer i suggest you talk to her or trust your gut

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  • You're calling her at 4 a. m? Seriously. Maybe she just wants some sleep.

    Or you could be getting clingy. Girls have a hard time telling a guy to stop, cus they might not be ready to end the relationship, but you could be moving too fast. Give her some space.

  • Maybe she just meant she wasn't going to be on her phone and turned her internet off. It doesn't mean she had to turn her phone off completely. I think you are making a way too bigger deal of this than needed.