Is she trying to make me jealous or?

Ok I don't know where to begin.. So I've been dating this girl for almost two months now, and in the beginning it went great, we have been on two dates so far, she showed much interest and wanted me to kiss her, but I am kinda a nervous person so I didn't have the courage to do it (which i reeally regret!)

And suddenly she says she wanna be friends first then see what happends, I said I was fine with that. I'am a student and live in the city which she does too, but at the moment I'm home for Christmas and I need to wait to see her. And we have been snapping eachother a lot, and sometimes she sends naughty and sexy textmessages and I respond with the same. vice versa. And last night she was out and sent me a snap where she said she was happy because she got a phone number or something, I didn' t care to respond, and immediately after I opended the snap, she sent me the cutest goodnight message with mulitple hearts. which we never do. Is she trying to make me jealous or? Sorry if this was bad written, didn't know where to begin, this is all just a big bowl of confusion

You guys were right, I managed to kiss her and we cuddled all night, but she said she didn't feel anything and just wanted to have fun.. bye bye


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  • I think she could like you or loves the attention! Since she told you she got a phone number and than sent you kiss messages! The thing is a girl wouldn't mention all that for nothing! I personally wouldn't mention it! haha Also she send you kiss message that mean she into you even though she just your friend! She want to be friends than stay friends!

    • Yeah that's what I thought too. She knows I'm interested, so it would be unthoughtful to send those if she didn't have a purpose. Your last line was it supposed to say "She want to be more than friends than stay friends"?

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    • not sure if she's worth the fight, we have much in common, but not sure if I see a future. But I think I'm gonna give it one last shot, at least I get some more experience

    • Ok sounds good!

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  • She told you that she was happy because she got some dude's number? Am I reading that right?

    If so, I'd cut and run. She's already playing games like that two months into semi-dating? Girl's gonna be alllllllllllllllllll sorts of drama going forward. Let some other poor sap deal with it. LOL

    • yeah... and then text me cute messages, not like friends messages, I can`t understand this girl. I'm supposed to meet her next Tuesday. I'm gonna give it a one last shot.

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    • I like it! :)

      I sincerely hope it goes well, even if I suspect it might not. Good luck, man. :)

    • thanks! I really appreciate it! :)

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  • Um... how would that be her trying to make you jealous?

    • Because is was like she wanted me to see it, and then sent me the cutest text message. But I'm probably wrong, maybe wishful thinking

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    • Her* not you lol

    • I think I gonna give it one last shot. If it goes bad then I'm gonna delete her.

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  • just go on another date with her and kiss her if it doesn't work out or something then just move on its no a good idea to stay friends with girls who seek attention , trust me i know

    • That's the plan, Been on Christmas vacation so haven`t had opportunity yet.

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    • I've asked for a kiss once , didn't work. i went for a kiss one and it worked ( what do you know !! ) be confident and do it at the right moment ( the right moment is when its quite i guess )

    • haha yeah I was stupid enough to ask if I could kiss her, it got awkward real fast, not doing that again! confident and timing is key.