What the hell do I do?

Yep, it's one of those questions. I'll keep this as short as possible:

I've liked this guy for quite a while, for a few years in fact. We'll name him Drake.

Drake got out of an off and on relationship, around the same time I dumped my boyfriend. When I did, he kept hugging me, always asked if I was okay, and kept telling me that he's there for me if I need someone to talk to.

Skip a week or 2, and he randomly texts me. He tells me he has a crush on me, but doesn't know what to do because of my ex (they're both somewhat friends), and I told him that although I liked him back, we should just go on as usual and whatever happens, happens. And that it should be kept away from my ex. And he agreed.

Skip a weekend, and he acts like he never had that conversation with me. He doesn't talk to me, doesn't acknowledge me. He's only talk to me if I went up to talk to him.

So I pulled him aside to talk. And i told him that I felt like he was avoiding me and he told me that he's just been having family problems, and problems with his ex. But after that conversation he still didn't bother to talk to me.

Eventually we started talking again. But only small talk. I tried to talk to him about things between us but he just said he didn't want to talk about it. And he hugged me and said sorry and walked off.

So, I know that it's bad in the first place because of his ex, but why would he tell me he liked me and then totally act like it never happened? Why would he tell me he liked me with everything going on about his ex?

Should I even try with this guy? Should I wait until things between him and his ex are resolved and try talking to him or what?


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  • I don't think you should

  • Well he told you he liked you and you basically rejected him so...


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