Who is more in the wrong in this situation my Girl or myself?

Last night I had to work and got out relatively late and drove to meet her downtown. I got there at 11:30 then promised i would kiss her when the ball dropped and went to grab a drink for us. I was in line for a drink and got there a second late and didn't kiss her. I messed up i admit and apologized then the rest of the night she kept crying and saying I ruined her night and broke a promise. I told her I was leaving cause I was making things worse and she could talk to her GF's and she wanted me to stay and be with her. I stayed and she would cry whenever i tried to talk to her and then I left and gave up and said "I apologized and mean it I care about you and you know that, I'm done dealing with this when you sober up and decide you want to talk about this I will but I'm just done with this."


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  • LOL so much drama. Um.

    Asshole answer first: One day, both of you will have... problems. Like, actual problems that are problems.




    Well, I am biased toward thinking that guys should be pretty oblivious. Not oblivious in the "bump into things" way, more like the "just walk right through things" way. I hope you understand what I mean.

    If I were you, I'da just grabbed the girl whenever you got there, kissed her, and, that's that. Party starts when YOU get there.

    You know what? It's still not too late. Fuck that, dude, it's still Jan. 1. You should go to wherever she is NOW and kiss her.

    If you can stop at a drugstore on the way, and buy a cheap replica disco ball, even better. Hold it over your heads.
    It is so cheesy BUT IT WILL SO WORK. Will so work.
    And it will probably be 75% off by now.

    But, yeah. Both of you should take a chill pill.
    That rowwwrr!! thing you two have going between you? Petty squabbles are not the way to dissipate that. Wrong answer bud. There's a better way. Hint: it's a lot more fun.
    ::puts hands on boy's and girl's heads::
    ::rotates heads to face each other::

    You get me.

    • It's a lot of drama I agree and I tried to defuse it but she kept it going and I had enough.

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    • Like, people are KINDA crazy, for no reason, all the time. All the time, all day err day. But full blown nutso reactions are very very rare, and are almost always Things That Are Happening For A Reason.
      Usually that reason is just so, so, soooo far beyond redemption. And that’s where all the new people get their hearts broken. The new staff people, from the shiny leafy suburbs. They get destroyed into shreddy shreds.

      Basically. Your job is to decide whether this girl, and/or this situation, belong (s) in bucket no. 2 or no. 3.
      It’s probably bucket no. 2. I mean, let’s be serious, it’s definitely no. 2.

      This means you get the “Check yourself, bitch” duty. Sorry, bro. On you, this one.

      Pretend it’s a movie. Watch it like an outsider. Who’s the stronger character? Who THINKS (s) he is the stronger character? The second question can have more than one correct asnwer. The first has one and only one.

    • Watch some old movies. Like, movies that are older than my crusty old ass. Casablanca type shit.
      The acting sucks, I mean, it’s really bad. Verisimilitude wasn’t a priority back then. But the dynamic between the characters is about right.

      Find youtube clips of old movies where the male protagonist gives the female protagonist a nice smack across the face.
      I mean, that’s also hot, but, not the point right now. You should notice the totally offhand way in which it’s done. Like swatting a mosquito, and not even a particluarly annoying one at that. A mosquito that is in the bottom 25 percentiles of annoying.

      Ok dude, many words. I think you get the point.

      Good luck.

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  • If that's really what it was all about (it sounds like it might be more, like a straw that broke the camels back thing) she's more than a little crazy.

    • I messed up I will admit and the only other time I got into it with her was when my roomate asked about a girl I went to HS with and i said she was an attractive reserved girl and she flipped out on me for that and kept asking if I like this girl more than her and I just shut up and left the situation.

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  • She is. She shouldn't be THAT upset over the fact that you guys didn't kiss at midnight. Obviously calming her down didn't work so staying with her while she's crying wouldn't make any sense. You apologised and that's the most you could do in that situation.

    • We are talking now and she asked if were ok and made up in principle but when I see her i will still be thinking of her freakout and that night so I don't know what to think.

  • Tbh, that girl is too much drama. Shit happens. You obviously didn't mean to miss the midnight kiss and you apologized for it. I would look at an even bigger picture. If she threw such a fit over something so minor, how do you think she will behave over something even bigger? How do you think she will behave EVERY time something doesn't go her way? I am stressed FOR you just by thinking about it.

  • She over reacted over absolutely nothing... She's going to have you wrapped around her finger if you give in to her silly overly dramatic moments... Good on you for walking away - it's about time spent with a person you care about not some expectation on her end... You didn't mess up, you didn't do anything wrong - she needs to relax - run while you can

    • Well we talked about it today and she said she isn't mad she is just hurt and feels disrespected. Then asked if we're ok and if I'm mad at her. I told her I wasn't mad (I actually am tbh) and played it cool but it bothers me.

    • Famous lines to make you feel bad -- not mad you just hurt and disrespected me -- but what about you? Where was the respect and understanding for you? It's a two way street... You apologized and were trying to understand why she was upset but she thinks she has the right to disrespect you and treat you like you did something wrong? I have a friend - best friends for over 6 years and she goes off more and more in her boyfriend to the point its pretty much on a daily basis because she feels disrespected in some way or other, I'll call her out on it when she vents -- I've also been on your end before and it's the guilt that wil keep you, it's the guilt that will keep control --- if you want to be with this girl thats okay, it's a one time thing... But set your limit now.. Mentally, just know how long or what you will put up with and for how ever many times.. One more, 3 tops etc... If you see a pattern, do yourself a favour and find a stable girl before she ruins the image of women for you

  • Both. Its not that big a deal. She shouldn't be making that much of a fuss and you shouldn't of snapped at her

  • It's not that serious. You were in line getting drinks. It wasn't like u where with your guy friends or trying to get a girls number. And then you made the attempt to kiss her and she didn't want to. But she failed to realise that you came straight from work to be with her on new year's. It sounds like she doesn't appreciate that.

  • It's not that big a deal why tf is she crying. Just because you didn't kiss doesn't mean it's gonna bring down some kind of curse on the relationship. I'm sorry but your girl needs to toughen up a wee bit

  • I think she just wanted you to be there and listen to her instead of talking. You fucked up by the last comment cause it might have seemed like you didn't care but then again, you have girlfriend who's high maintenance as hell

  • Are you sure this is thr the first time you break a promise?

    • Yes it is I said some things that made her mad and vice versa but I didn't even have to go see her inchose to make the 30 minute and I know I messed up but she just broke down.

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