How do I find a boyfriend?

sounds ridiculous doesn't it? i'll turn 18 in a week but i really never had a boyfriend and everyone does, it sucks! only guys staring at me and try to have sex but no guy ever wants me -.- like wtf i'm also human, i even fell in love with a friend and i thought he liked me back but then he turned out as gay...
i met a few guys yesterday on new years eve but they just wanted sex!! and i refused and waited for my friend outside the toilette because she was having some fun with a 20 years older man. I know i'm young but i never have dates or something similar.. i just fall in love and get rejected, that's it and it takes a lot of time and patience for me to unlove them because these people are always around me and usually close friends, i always have to be happy for them and force a smile whenever i fall for a guy who i can't have. I don't want anyone to tell me to stop whining, to get ur heartbroken by guys you never dated is the worst! especially when these guys are always around you and exactly know how you feel but well they don't give a f*ck because u listen to their stupid relationship problems and give them advice! i'm tired of that bullsh*t


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  • Maybe you hang out with the wrong people judging from what you said about your friend, and I used to be like you until I realized that no one ever has my back and that staying single is much more fun. I know this won't change your mind because you really want a relationship, but I can tell you from experience that unless you are dating the perfect guy, relationships aren't near as good as they are made out to be. I'm not saying that you should just stay single, but just sit back and stop caring about having a boyfriend to validate yourself. You're only 17! You have plenty of time left and most people in highschool are too immature to date anyways.

  • Well you have one thing a lot of people your own age do NOT have... Awareness.
    This actually works out in your favor. I can't tell you how many people later on in life made stupid mistakes, like sleeping around because they simply gave up and gave in. It may seem like a "ok" idea in the moment and looking to were it leads. But it almost always never leads to anything positive. More often than not it leads to regrets you reflect on later on in your life and you tell yourself, "What was I thinking?" or "Such a stupid mistake."
    When you see others getting boyfriends etc, and you get upset, this is jealousy and envy. Jealousy and envy as self destructive in nature, its a lot like drinking poison and hoping your enemies are going to die. It's just not going to go anywhere. Jealousy and envy are ROOTED in ingratitude. You need to find what you are grateful for...
    Trust me, YOU WILL find a boyfriend, when it's your time its your time. If you push it, it's like squeezing sand, it just slips through your fingers. Write down characteristics you want in a guy and keep your heart and eyes open. Pray if you believe. You'll get there, I promise.

    • omg thank you, i do believe in god but i kept getting hurt and i have no idea how to deal with this constant pain.. i'll pray more thank you :)

  • I never had a girlfriend


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