When the guy you like?

chose another girl over your offer and the worst thing of all... I am a firm believer that everyone is beautiful in Gods eyes and their parents, but this girl compared to me is a 1. No joke, I feel hurt and kind of betrayed, not to be mean or anything but I am considered a catch, I m soon getting a modeling contract with one of the top agencies in the world, im serious, funny, I h ave my ups and downs, I was depressed when I met him and did everything to push him away, I was very anti social so he thought I was crazy and had no friends, I was depressed, I needed someone who would show me that its ok to live. Plus I dont sleep around! why? , why her and not me? was he intimidated? was it because the sexual attraction was off? again I am not trying to be arrogant but if I was a guy and I had a girl like me, I would know what to do...


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  • No offense. But from your wording, you seem like an arrogant and egoistic person. Demanding maybe. Basically you MIGHT be looking better than her. Let's say looks are not a point. So what's the point?
    Maybe she is well mannered and polite as compared to you. Maybe she's less judgmental, more confident and more optimistic. Who knows exactly what?
    But I am willing to bet anything that if your career and looks are not a problem, your behaviour is.

  • It's probably because he thinks u r too demanding
    Ull find yr prince hang in there

    • demanding? I told him if he wants something he should say it! if he just sitting there not saying what he want

    • how the hell am I supposed to know

    • U vr depressed and pushed him away
      He clearly saw u as a demanding girls

  • there are many reasons maybe she is a better girlfriend material maybe he thinks your crazy or sleep around , you have to realize its not a movie you dont just sit other and wait for a girl to come ask you whats wrong and fix it it only happens in movies in real life you have to be nice and approachle in order to be approached by guys , no matter how good looking the guy is if you act like a bitch he's going to treat you like one.


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