How do I get him back?

I was with someone for 5 months.. Things ended on sad terms, but we stayed in contact since, he's playing hard to get now as I was the one who called it off. But last week we both admitted we'd fallen in love with each other. And now he's playing hard to get card as I called it off.. so its my fault (but I had a genuine reason) and he new this it involved him... How do I get him back? Do I play hard to get and get a little chase? Do I ignore when he texts as he avoids the questions when it come to us.. But the moment I don't text he reaches out to me other ways... What do I do? I want him back so ill do everything I can

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  • I didn't vote because I don't agree with either of those.

    You should text him something funny (like an inside joke) or say you saw something that reminded you of him. When he responds (he might take a few days if he is playing hard to get) ask him on a date. Or suggest y'all should go on a date.

    Don't expect anything to happen just play it cool and see how he responds. Don't be afraid to make the first move.

  • Let him no how you feel then leave it up 2 him


What Girls Said 1

  • Why don't you just spend all this time and energy on actually moving on? Why play these unnecessary games? It's just childish, you guys are clearly not compatible considering that you feel the need to go back and forth like this, playing mind games with each other and not being able to be open and honest. Just move on.