Why does my boyfriend keeps embarrassing me in front of his friends?

I love him and he is very sweet and amazing when he is with me (I guess that is why I am still with him) but when he is with his male friends he changes a lot.

He always suggests that we are going to have sex, like "do you like how i look with this glasses? So maybe I should keep them at night" or he say it directly.
One time we were in the car of his friend and he though that I was sleeping, he told them that we had sex for an hour.

Why is he doing this? Should I dump him?


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  • he's trying to show off in front of his friends haha wow


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  • He's trying to impress his friends, like any other young and dumb boy. Tell him how uncomfortable he's making you. If he can't respect that, then you dump him because he doesn't take your feelings seriously.


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  • I'd say if you're not happy with the way he's behaving then you should first bring it up with him before deciding to dump him. Tell him to stop and if he doesn't then maybe consider dumping him. Let him know it's upsetting you. If he really cares about you, then he will stop.
    I hate when guys start acting differently around their friends. An awful lot of them unfortunately do this :(

  • You dont mention it but i will assume he is of the same age as yours. If you are 18-24 and he is trying to impress his friends in FRONT of you by saying or impliyng sexual things, it is the childish thing I've ever read for a guy of that age.

    You should speak with him and tell him that you are not comfortable with him saying those things when you are around and specially when you are NOT around.

    That is just a lack of respect to your person.

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